Hello, my name is Anthony Plourde

About Me

I'm a french Canadian junior Software Engineer graduated from ETS who lives in Montreal.
When I don't work at Ipnos Soft, I create Mac Apps for myself and for whoever think they are good ideas. I found myself creating apps around the digital movies domain because this is mainly what I use my computer for when I'm not working.

I also have a blog.



AdmitOne Logo

Admit One blends the simplicity of an "iTunes Store like" user experience and the power of torrents. It lets you browse top charts movies and download those movies in a single click. Admit One automatically finds the best torrents for you.


FilmTag Logo

Film Tag is a good companion to Admit One. Once you have hands on your movie file, process it into Film Tag to reveal all of the info on the corresponding movie. Film Tag will automatically find the corresponding movie and fill-in the file metadata.


Leasometer Logo

Leasometer helps you to keep track of your traveled distance, to make sure you are inline with your car lease limits. It tells you whether you are under or over the normal use threshold. It also displays your term progression and your traveled distance progression.

Frameworks & APIs

MP4v2 Cocoa

MP4v2 Cocoa Logo

This Cocoa framework is the one being used in FilmTag. I created an Objective-C wrapper arround the MP4v2 c/c++ library to make it easier within my app development to manipulate MP4 files. By now, the framework is limited to the metadata part but as FilmTag will evoluate, the framework will do so. For example, track manipulation should be added to the framework when auto subtitles fetching will be added to FilmTag.

AdmitOne API

AdmitOne API Logo

This is the REST API being used for all of my app projects. It allows you to retrieve top movies, find youtube trailer for a movie, find the best torrent download for a movie, and resolve a movie file name into a movie.